The DKNOG Association

DKNOG is an association registered in Denmark and is required by law to hold yearly General Meetings (GM’s) where registered members of union can decide future directions.

The General Meetings is open and non-members can participate.

Agenda is published in advance and Meeting Minutes will be made available for every GM held.

Information about general meetings will be distributed broadly according to the bylaws.

DKNOG General Meeting 2023

The general meeting for 2023 will be held on May 10th.

There is an event site set up for it where you can register and see more information.

DKNOG General Meeting 2022

The general meeting for 2022 was held on May 31st.

General Meeting minutes (In Danish)

Current board

The board as of 2022 consists of the following:

  • Chairman: Lasse Jarlskov
  • Vice Chair: Allan Eising
  • Secretary: Brian Jeggesen
  • Treasurer: Mikkel Mondrup-Kristensen
  • Member: Christian Johannesen


The current bylaws are from 2017 and viewable here.